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LAUSD teachers plan

to strike on Monday.

What are your kids

doing that day?

We supports teachers and students who need

to be attended on Monday, January 14.


We’re offering parents of LAUSD students in the area the opportunity to experience one day of our total immersion Spanish classes. Using our game-based approach, our teachers will make this day a memorable one for your students ages 4-12.  Students will learn how to introduce themselves and their friends and if they know some Spanish they will learn tongue twisters, too. There will be indoor and out door fun. Kindly pack a lunch sack including 2 snacks. 10 students to 1 teacher. No English all in Spanish.

Normally priced at $100 a day.

On this day for BUSY parents ONLY $50


8:00am - 5:00pm


214 West Fairview Avenue,

Glendale, Ca 91202.

Interactive Language Program
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